My family is nothing out of the ordinary: our days usually revolve around food.

We are out of the norm when it comes to what we can eat, which has resulted in lots of kitchen experiments. Many of which have been a delicious success. We are a mix-matched gang of different allergies and when it comes to a meal, we refuse to skimp because of them. All together we make a gluten/corn/soy/egg/dairy-free lifestyle taste incredible, and the result of eating this way is beneficial to any and everyone’s body.

Our goal is to show the mouth-watering recipes we’ve come up with for those who have been struggling with health issues in hopes they will turn to these for healing before excepting pharmaceutical fates. These recipes are also a great alternative to fad diets and I promise you will notice positive body changes if you stick to it!

Keep an eye out for posts to come!



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  1. Jill Cook says:

    What an AMAZING website!!! Just saw your post on the paleo fb site and immediately came to check this out…can’t wait to have the time to dig in here deeper this week and get back on my paleo journey!! Lost 70 lbs, fell off the wagon and gained 31 back in the last 8 mos not to mention the joint pain, etc…
    Thank you for THIS, it is fantastic!!?

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