Sweet Tooth Time!

I will give up the allergens and additives, but I will NOT give up my sweets!

I thought we kissed chocolate chips goodbye for a while until we came across these beauties at a local Market Basket. We usually stock up and use them on snacks and desserts. ..and straight from the bag.. We refer to it as,”taking a shot,” or, “taking a hit.” We are pretty hardcore snackers.

These apple slices are one of my absolute favorite guilt-free treats. It’s always unbelievable to find something to yummy that everyone in my house can enjoy. It’s the kind of snack you wait for the kids to go to sleep and then you and your partner devour quietly on the couch.

-Granny Smith apples – each makes about ~5 slices
Sunbutter – safe for kids to take to school (if you decide to share). Blue cap & yellow cap are the favorites in my family.
Coconut shreds
-Raw Almonds and/or cashews
Organic coconut oil
Sea Salt – this is one of my favorites to add to chocolate
-Wax paper
-Cookie/baking sheet
-Sharp knife
-Small bowl to melt chocolate

Optional: Hand chopper, other bite-sized fruit like blueberries, strawberries or raspberries

1. Roll out some wax paper on your cookie sheet
2. Wash those apples and slice them while they’re on their side – about quarter inch to a half inch is what mine usually come out to.
3. Either scoop out the centers with a spoon or cut it out with your knife.
4. Lay them out in rows
5. Chop your nuts! Hand chopper are faster, but a knife does the trick, too.
6. Pour half cup chocolate chips into your small bow & add teaspoon coconut oil
7. Melt in microwave for 30 second intervals until smooth
8. While that’s melting, this is a good time to spread Sunbutter on the slices you want that as a base instead of chocolate.
9. Add sea salt to melted chocolate

My preferred method of getting these done is to do a row at a time so the chocolate is still warm when I put toppings on. Remelt/melt additional chocolate as needed.

10. Spread melted chocolate with a spoon on 4 slices, add desired toppings. *Tip: drizzling chocolate after toppings will help hold them on!
11. Continue until done, have a couple because you can’t wait to try them, and put them in the fridge to cool and chocolate to set.
12. Tell yourself you won’t eat them all in one day, but realize that’s a lie and enjoy!

These are a great alternative snack for home, but also to send in place of cupcakes for a child’s birthday treat in school. Just leave off the nuts if there is a sensitivity.

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  1. Kitty says:

    Just wanted to share that target now carries those chocolate chips for about $5 a bag ^_^ I might give them a try!

    PS. Found you via the PD group.. thanks for sharing!

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