Apple Maple Cinnamon Paleo Pork Chops (Paleo, AIP, Whole30)

Pork. Pork. Pork. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Everyone loves pig protein. These paleo pork chops are always a go to in our family. Properly cooked local pork is one of the tastiest protein sources out there. I want to put an emphasis on the phrase properly cooked. A lot of people who I chat with who “don’t like” pork have just never had it cooked properly. It’s such an easy meat to overcook, but follow these instructions and you will earn yourself an A+ dish that you can add into rotation. We strongly recommend using an instant read meat thermometric for this dish. Farmtofam’s famous Apple Maple Cinnamon local pork chops are a must.

Apple Cinnamon Maple Paleo Pork Chops



Take pork chops out of fridge roughly 15 minutes before placed in skillet. Rub pork chops with olive oil, salt, and cinnamon.

Place your chopped apples in a sauce pan covered in half an inch of almond milk (or water if allergy/special diet). Cook these on medium-high heat until the apples soften up. Drain almond milk and add cinnamon to the apples. Stir and place aside for serving.

Place pork chops on a skillet of medium high heat. It might get a little smokey in your kitchen, this is normal. Keeping your range on is recommended. Sear each side of pork chops for 2 minutes.

Remove pork chops from skillet and place into 400° oven (or keep in skillet if oven friendly). Cook 6-9 minutes depending on thickness, flipping once halfway through.

Your instant read meat thermometer should read 140° F. Let pork sit for 10 minutes before serving for carry over cooking.

Suggested serving:

Take the pork chop and place on dish under a splash of maple syrup and cinnamon. Add soft cinnamon apples over pork.

This dish serves wonderfully with a side of greens and a side of root vegetables. Greens are extremely versatile so pick your favorite! For root vegetables, we recommend mashed parsnips without a doubt! The flavor combination is perfect on your palate.

This is a great dish for all times of year. If you can find a local farm to get your pork, all the better. Check farmers markets as well. Paleo apple crisp is a great following.

Interested in more healthy meals like this? Whether you have allergies or follow specialized diet plans such as Paleo, AIP, Whole30, Keto or are just health conscious – meal planning can help you bring creativity into the kitchen. If you would like access to dishes like this and others, sign up here.

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