Grain Free Beauteous Burritos (Grain Free, Corn Free, Paleo, Celiac Friendly)

Grain and corn free burritos? We did it! Whether you’re avoiding corn because of all the negative health impacts or have a corn allergy (or both in my case), eating Mexican is near impossible. Or so we thought. Lately, we have had burritos and tortillas on our mind. We recently found a company who makes delicious grain free tortilla chips out of Cassava flour.  We’ve been hooked ever since. Then we found grain free tortillas and our imaginations (and bellies) went wild. We’re SO adding this one to our meal plans.

As you know by now, farmtofam has a way of doing extraordinary things out of food that is not only delicious, but promotes healing yourself and your gut. We make some damn good nachos out of pork rinds, but we felt it was time to take on another Mexican dish.  So what is in a grain free tortilla you ask? Cassava flour. Cassava is a root native to South America. Cassava is loaded with fiber, vitamin K, and vitamin B complex. It is one of the only flours (aside coconut) that is allowed and promoted on an AIP diet (this dish can be modified for AIP).

So comes Mexican Monday or Taco Tuesday – you’re going to be all set.

corn free burritos

Grain Free Beauteous Burritos



The best thing about these delicious burritos? They’re SO easy. First, you will want to prepare your meat. Take ground meat and place into skillet coated in coconut oil. Season the meat with garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, and black pepper.

corn free burritos

As your meat is cooking, you must prepare your cauliflower rice. If you’ve never made cauliflower rice, don’t worry – it’s just as easy as this recipe. Simply place into small pot with lid. Fill the pot with an inch of water. Cook on medium/low heat for 10 minutes until it looks like it is steaming. Drain the water, cover and let it.

corn free burritos

As your meats starts to brown up, season a little more. The extra seasoning is delicious once this makes it into the burrito. Take your cook cauliflower rice and add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add garlic and onion powder. Mix until coconut oil melts. The coconut oil creates a butter like coating on the rice. Can’t beat healthy fats.

Remove the tortillas from the package. They are very similar to the tortillas you used to eat (before you realized that corn was so modified and unhealthy for the body). Place them on a plate. Microwave them for 20 seconds to soften them up. These prevents tearing when wrapping them up.

Then, simply add the meat and rice into the wrap!

corn free burritos

Serving suggestions: 

Honestly? Dive in. We bring the pan of meat and the pot of rice to the table next to the warm tortillas and roll our own as a family. This all hands on dish is fun and creates a great way to interact with the family during dinner. As you will see pictured, we LOVE to eat these with our favorite guacamole. Even MORE delicious if you add pineapple mango salsa. If you find the corn free burritos are getting messy rolling them, there is no reason not to enjoy them as soft shell tacos.

corn free burritos

corn free burritos

Oh, and the kids LOVE THEM! 

corn free burritos

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