Our Story

Unfortunately, the story of farmtofam didn’t start off so happy. I was sick. My muscles hurt, my joints hurt, I was overweight, I was having chronic panic attacks, I was having all kinds of digestive issues. Neurologists, GI doctors, Psychologists, Nutritionists, and even Allergists all had a different diagnoses while trying to get me to take a new medicine. It got to the point where I thought they are just trying to cover up symptoms and not fix the root cause. I was right.

allergy meal plan

As I was struggling, a friend reached out to me and mentioned that he had similar issues many years ago until he found out he suffered chronic inflammation and food intolerances. Upon fixing his diet, this all went away. As someone who was never exposed to this type of information, I was intrigued. I was at a point where I was so sick and frustrated for so long that I would try anything to get better. I spoke with my primary care doctor and I remember vividly her laughing off my concern.

I ordered a blood test through a local lab and sure enough, I was gluten intolerant. I also had an issue with soy. Over the years through elimination diets I found out that I also had issues with dairy, corn, grains, and legumes as well.

It was a long journey but I was able to heal myself and my gut completely. I’m feeling younger than ever. Through meal planning, diet and the right anti-inflammatory remedies, I was not only able to lose over 100 pounds – but all my symptoms of pain, panic, anxiety, and depression went away.


As I look back at the hard journey that I’ve been through, I think of all the people currently struggling. This idea is how farmtofam was created. As I went on to have my own beautiful family, not only did I want to teach them about the benefits of holistic healing through diets – but I wanted to raise awareness to all the people who are currently struggling or feeling hopeless in their battle.

Farmtofam is aimed at spreading awareness through food being thy medicine. We are in no means doctors, and to be honest, we are proud of this with the current state of healthcare (or sickcare, rather). Please take our recipes, meal planning, product reviews, and knowledge to heart and live a healthier life.

Allergy conscious. Health conscious. Family conscious.